• Kasra Kiai - Oil On canvas 
56 x 36 Inches
  • " Fidel " , 7"  x 14" by Pablo Oliva
  • 47" x 35", Acrylic on Canvas, by Roberto Gonzalez
  • Charcoal from Fredo. Size: 10.5" x 14.5" on Paper
  • Oil On Canvas Rostam Sohrab


    BEHROUZ ZINDASHTI Born in Salmas, Iran in 1978 Lives and works in Tehran, Iran               Educational Background: MA in Handicrafts, Tehran Art University, 2008 BA in Handicrafts, Kashan University, 2006 Teaching Experience: Former Academic Staff, Islamic Arts University, Tabriz, Iran Lecturer at Tehran Art […]

  • Arash Nazari

    Arash Nazari

    Arash Nazari   (Iran, 1980)   Iran based artist has studied Industrial Engineering in Elmo FarhangUniversity,Tehran , Iran.   ArashNazari, as an emerging artist has had three Solo exhibition in 2011 at Homa Gallery, Tehran, Iran, in 2013 at Shirin art gallery, Tehran, Iran, and in 2014 at The Mine […]

  • Kasra Kiai

    Kasra Kiai - Oil On canvas 
56 x 36 Inches

    Kasra Kiai was born into an art loving family in 1973 in Tehran, Iran. His grandfather, Gorgin Kiai was an artist of many talents. He taught music and playing the Dulcimer to Kasra’s father, “Milad Kiai”, while Kasra inherited his grandfather’s talent for painting. Kasra has been very active in […]

  • Pedro Pablo Oliva

    " Fidel " , 7"  x 14" by Pablo Oliva

    Pedro Pablo Oliva (Pinar del Río, 1949) Creator of multiple shapes, diverse compositions rich in fantastic figures and elements,he uses and appropriates these to reflect the society that surrounds him. His island, as witness to time, has made him into a narrator and interpreter. Complex backgrounds invite this Cuban painter […]

  • Roberto Gonzalez

    47" x 35", Acrylic on Canvas, by Roberto Gonzalez

    Any man is like an Island. (Ningun Hombre Es Una Isla) Roberto Gonzalez combines the perception and the object (image) with one idea (meaning) and the result is a metaphor. Roberto Gonzalez is a young artist who doesn’t focus a lot in the success. His art has been in different […]

  • Fredo

    Charcoal from Fredo. Size: 10.5" x 14.5" on Paper

    Fredo is a very talented 20 years old Chilean Painter. He was known to world when he was 17. He is the first 3D painter in Chile. These three-dimensional pencil drawings by Chilean artist Fredo are absolutely amazing! The 17-year-old prodigy draws objects that look like they’re about to jump […]

  • Salar Ahmadian

    Oil On Canvas Rostam Sohrab

    Mr. Salar Ahmadian, the well-known Iranian artist, has studied Painting in the Faculty of Fine Arts in Tehran University and got his high certificate in calligraphy from Iran’s Association of Calligraphers. Due to his highly-qualified performance in Art competition in Ramsar, the Ministry of High Education granted him a scholarship in […]



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