About me

Mr. Mehdi Adilipour, as an art director and art critic, has devoted most of his life time to the collection of various art masterpieces from all around the world. He also has written many articles on art in which he has focused on the role played by the artists and on the contemporary art. He has not only collected many Iranian-style inn painting works but also Canadian, Cuban, Dutch, and American natives’ styles in his collection.

He strongly believes that his collection– which is based on his hard efforts, studies and spending time with experts in this domain– can help the fans to achieve a high-quality work with a reasonable price to enjoy the precious life with such a great work of art.

Since, he understands the joy of life mixed with art and knows different tastes of different nations he can recognize his audiences’ interests based on various art styles and attract their attention to the best artistic works collected from all around the world and help them in choosing the unique one(s). Mehdi enjoys the support of a professional group who accompanies him in every country and region and tries to purchase the most valuable works and introduce them to those who are interested in.

His website, provides a good opportunity for those interested people to surf the web in order to find their favorite work and by joining to this website they can get the latest art news.

Mehdi, is also searching for the young high- potential people around the world by travelling to different countries with his team members and advisers to support and invest on the contemporary art to keep it alive and dynamic.

To do such a job, every year he collects the works of different anonymous young artists and introduces them to the world of art. Those who work and cooperate with Mehdi are among the outstanding experts. Thus, it is crystal clear that quality speaks louder than quantity in his job and both the artists and the purchasers can supply and buy the works confidently.