Arash Nazari

(Iran, 1980)

Iran based artist has studied Industrial Engineering in Elmo Farhang University, Tehran, Iran.

Arash Nazari, as an emerging artist has had three Solo exhibition in 2011 at Homa Gallery, Tehran, Iran, in 2013 at Shirin art gallery, Tehran, Iran, and in 2014 at The Mine gallery, Dubai, UAE.


Group Exhibition

Summer Exhibition 2011 Homa Gallery, Tehran, Iran

Expo 90, Second work sale of Iran sculptor exhibition, Tehran, Iran.

Magic Of Persia, 2012, Salsali Private Museum, Dubai.

Scope Basel, June 2013, Switzerland.

Scope Miami Beach, December 2013, USA.

Opera Gallery Dubai, 2014, UAE.

Seyhoun Gallery 2 opening, 2015, Tehran, Iran



The history from Assyrian Reliefs to Apadana patterns, Ghaznavi Palaces, Safavi Mosques is paradoxical tales of beautiful kings, cruel beauties, Faithful traitors, coward champions, prosper prostitutes, traditional modernity, modern calcification and all in a context called Iran.

The reflection of the steel sheet and its interference with the objective reality is like the integration of history and the present.

At this course of my works, I have tried to provide the opportunity for such a vivid symbiosis and create an artificial appearance to some extent. The result is refreshing and renewing the past and not adoring or denouncing the history. Yet, the random and cuts don’t come back to the ancient ones, whatever is seen are all the most familiar illusions of our most strange feelings, a place named Iran, Strange and them most familiar and common dream of all Persia-Speakers.