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– Abbas Akhavan: The Journeyman

Artist Abbas Akhavan is a journeyman of sorts. Born in Tehran and now based in Toronto, Akhavan has spent the past five years making drawings, videos and performances that hinge on travel—both physical and mental—in locations as diverse as Vancouver, Dubai, Berlin, Vienna, Aalborg and this spring at the Darling Foundry in Montreal. Continue

– Abbas Akhavan: Home Fronts

A murky video image appears on the screen. It is a cityscape at night, where a woman wearing a headscarf pushes her young child in a stroller. There is a visceral, war-zone feel to the slightly shaky camerawork, and what sounds like gunfire or bombing in the background. A brief frenzy of movement erupts after a loud boom, and for a moment you are sure this is a Middle Eastern city—perhaps a Tehran protest, or Baghdad after curfew. Then the camera pans to a sign that reads “Lebanese restaurant,” and you realize this is not a war zone, but the west end of Vancouver during the annual festival of fireworks, shown here larger than life, in vaguely menacing close-up. Continue

– Kahlo, Frida : Mexican painter, the daughter of a German-born photographer and a Mexican mother. Click here to read more.

– Charles Saatchi is an Iraqi-born British businessman and art collector. Click here to read more.

–  The Craft of Being an Artist by Sarah Thornton. Click here to read more.

A video about Naqqāli, Iranian dramatic story-telling. Click here to read more.