Behrouz Sharifi Zindashti

Behrouz Sharifi Zindashti is calligrapher, graphic designer and a lecturer, Tehran, Iran.

He was born in city of Salmas in 1978 to a family that artistic talent was inherited. He found his passion for art from childhood. He spent those years enjoying the beauty of art. He has been practicing and teaching calligraphy since 1993.

He obtained the distinguished honorary from Iran calligrapher’s Association. He received BA and MA in handicrafts in 2006-28008. Mr. Zindashti followed his artistic and cultural activities professionally along with academic education including many solo and group exhibitions of calligraphy and graphic. He has been attending festivals and art biennial exhibitions.

Mr. Behrouz Sharifi Zindashti was also a jury member of the art festivals. He earned the highest achievement and honors in this field. He began teaching in art valid universities of Iran since 2008 including; Tehran Art University, Islamic Art University of Tabriz and the other art universities and faculties.

He teaches lessons of calligraphy and letters design, typographic, story writing and connected theoretical discussions. Some of his articles have been published in Iranian journals. He’s been far from classic calligraphy in last few years. His collating calligraphy doctrines academic education together tended to be calligraphy- painting. His calligraphy- painting works have been exhibited in exhibitions and international art fairs such as Vienna Art fair, Dubai’s Art fair, group exhibitions in Zurich and Geneva. The collections of his calligraphy- painting works are kept in the Islamic Art Museum of Malaysia.

Behrouz Sharfi