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Mostafa Chobtarash

Mostafa Chobtarashzadeh was born in 1983. He has MA in painting from Soureh University in Tehran, Iran, BA in painting from Azad University in Tehran, Iran.He has performed in more than 20 group exhibitions in galleries such as Aran, Dei, Homa, Artists House (Momayez), Mah-e-eMehr, Laleh, Niavaran, Saba, etc. He was in Solo exhibition 2010, the Lazy Bomb series, Siin Gallery.

The people in Mostafa Choobtarash’s paintings are multipurpose beings. They are made to fight, eat and pose. and some, having indulged themselves too much, have turned into fork-headed beings or are carrying bombs in tray! His works are a combination of illustration, expressive painting and folkloric potentials, along with a splash of surrealistic humor and irony, They resemble Joan Miro’s sculptures in their being colorful and hybrid and in their reluctance of adopting pre-determined seriousness. At the same time, the writings and implication of objects in his paintings highlight everyday objects or occasionally subvert their significance. The humor in Choobtarash’s works, with all those deformed figures and doll-like beings, reveals and highlights the complex situation of our world; Bitter funny world of the grotesque, which is lively yet ambiguous. He celebrates disorder in his art and sneers at all the abnormalities. The criminals and bullies are turned into jesters in his art, who perform in front of our eyes and in our minds. ” Behnam Kermani said about Mosfata Choobtarash Zadeh.

Remaking historical icons and poking fun at them at the same time; This is the initial description of Choobtarash’s work, first glance. Yet he destroys as beautifully as he builds.
This demolition is a sort of evolution in its self in his realm of paintings.Just like a vaccine that breaks into the body to be tested, his paintings are thus enabled to oppose the academy, history and sentimental reminiscences, like a tear that compliments a memory. Faces might have a displeased look on them, yet it’s a mark of a complete experience from recollection or, could even be called the sudden energy release of remembrance. It awakens us like a frozen flower that plays with the cold, such as when we are brought to awareness by the sound of children playing in the street. I don’t wish to say that he criticizes the loss; what we have lost and the only image of it that remains with us, are of the same level of importance as having them as playthings. Sometimes a magnificent house seems even more translucent in thunder and lightning, this is the image, both at the times of lightning and also when it is surrounded by silence, the next sad and beautiful morning. I do not wish to speak of the elegance of disaster as it falls upon us, since it is out of our hands. I wish to speak of the necessities of a beautiful image, and how sometimes destruction completes it, as so did the Chapman brothers who worked on Hitler’s paintings or when Rauschenberg erased De Kooning, then lo and behold a new piece is created. No pain is felt and nothing is changed, only a new and permanent piece is left. 

To bring more light on the matter I wish to avoid considering Choobtarash’s work as a kind of demolition of ancient art and criticism of such sort, and pull it towards the art margin. First and foremost I desire to see his works as paintings and think of the artist as a painter, otherwise he would not create an image with the utmost precision and skill only to spoil it by himself afterwards with a few paint stains and create a painting, and of course we cannot forget that each painting can have a different interpretation to each viewer; whether they are politicians, painters or poets, such as myself. ”  Vahid Sharian said about Mosfata Choobtarash Zadeh.

Mostafa Choobtarash

Born in 1983
MA in Painting, Soureh University, Tehran, Iran
BA in Painting, Azad University, Tehran, Iran

Solo Exhibition:

“And so, I ordered the crickets stings to be pulled… “, Etemad Gallery, Tehran, Iran, 2012 
2010 “The Lazy Bomb”, Siin Gallery, Tehran, Iran

Selected Group Exhibitions:

Pardis Mellat Gallery, Tehran, Iran, 2013
“The Second painting & sculpture Annual exhibition” Iranian Artist s Forum ,Tehran, Iran,2013
Dastan Gallery, Tehran , Iran, 2013
Homa Gallery, Tehran ,Iran, 2013
“Wonderland”, Shokoh Gallery, Tehran, Iran ,2012
Etemad Gallery, Dubai, UAE, 2012
Siin Gallery, Tehran, Iran, 2012
“The kitchen”, Mohsen Gallery, Tehran, Iran, 2010
“Tehran Virtual & Real”, AAran Gallery, Tehran, Iran, 2010
Art center Gallery, Tehran, Iran 2009
Artists House (Momayez) Gallery,Tehran ,Iran 2009
4th Visual Arts Exhibition, Pardis Mellat Gallery, Tehran, Selection form the New Generation, Homa Gallery, Tehran 2009
Day Gallery,Tehran ,Iran 2008
3rd Visual Arts Exhibition, Niavaran Cultural Center, Tehran, Selection form the New Generation, Homa Gallery ,TehranYoung Art, Saba Cultural Centere,Tehran ,Iran 2008
Lale Gallery,Tehran ,Iran 2008
3th Painting Biennale Damon far, Niavaran Cultural Center, Tehran ,Iran 2008
Lale Gallery,Tehran ,Iran 2008
7th Painting Biennale, Saba Cultural Centre, Tehran, Iran 2007
Mahe Mehr Gallery,Tehran ,Iran 2007
2th Visual Arts Exhibition, Selection form the New Generation, Homa Gallery ,Tehran 2007
Painting Biennale of the Islamic World, Saba Cultural Centre, Tehran, Iran 2005
2nd Painting Biennale Damon far, Niavaran Cultural Center ,Tehran ,Iran 2004
Exhibition of Contemporary Iranian Drawing, karaj, iran 2004

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