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Any man is like an Island. (Ningun Hombre Es Una Isla)

Roberto Gonzalez combines the perception and the object (image) with one idea (meaning) and the result is a metaphor.

Roberto Gonzalez is a young artist who doesn’t focus a lot in the success. His art has been in different halls such as Sotheby’s and Christies’, in Paris and New York. He is committed himself within his own art.

His art represents a lot of sources with a minimalist (futurist) conception. The color reveals the content as the main concept. When you see the paintings, you can understand what he means. The image is introspective, intends to give you an idea about the deepness.

Roberto Gonzalez says that his sense came from his own backward. He believes that the loneliness is a possibility to meditate, to perceibe the things better and distinguish them with better clarity.

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